Pre-Civil War Era SotUs

Noted presidential historian Nigel Holmes shares some of his views and information regarding some historic State of the Union addresses. Nigel has also researched the early history of gambling in the US and once the technology was available for what we now call slots, the progress of this form of gambling and some of the presidents who partook of it. Early slots were cumbersome and mechanical so they broke down frequently compared to modern online versions which are entirely virtual. But today’s online slots do bear a close relationship to the historic versions in that both were games of chance. We’d like to post about the presidents who gambled, but that’s another topic for another day…

Van Buren was no less concerned about the growing divisiveness of the slave issue, though his sympathies lay squarely with slave-owners such as himself. He was willing to refer to the African slave trade as an “inhuman purpose” in his final address, but vehemently refused to even consider abolition or ‘interference’.

Alas, William Henry Harrison didn’t even get to make a State of the Union address; the poor Whig died after only a month in office.  Aside from his poor general health, his teeth were in even worst condition. Perhaps if he had had the services of a orthodontist in Las Vegas, if Las Vegas had existed at the time, he would have had at least a mouth full of decent choppers when he died. Of course, the field of dentistry and particularly of Orthodontistry was still in a very rudimentary development during this time until today where there are plenty of options such as metal braces, ceramic braces, clear braces, lingual braces and various “systems” like the Invisalign® System. However, William Henry Harrison’s inaugural address was long enough to make up for this lack (the longest in history, in fact), and he was well-known to favor the expansion of slavery into the new Western territories.

His successor, John Tyler, left no confusion about his sympathies; firmly backing the “state’s rights’ side of the debate, he even became a member of the Confederate Congress during the war. However, he assiduously avoided dealing head-on with the growing issue of abolition in his SotUs, even as the controversy was coming to a head. The appointment of pro-slavery John C. Calhoun to the position of Secretary of State may have been the single act that doomed Tyler to a single term, due to obstruction by abolitionists and a vengeful Martin Van Buren.

Expansionist James K. Polk accomplished many things during his promised single term in office, but one of the unintended accomplishments was enraging both sides of the debate by maintaining a position directly in the center. He fully intended to extend the Missouri compromise all the way to the West Coast, beginning with his admission of Texas as a slave state and Oregon as a free state.

“No enactment of Congress could restrain the people of any of the sovereign States of the Union, old or new, North or South, slaveholding or nonslaveholding, from determining the character of their own domestic institutions as they may deem wise and proper. Any and all the States possess this right, and Congress can not deprive them of it. The people of Georgia might if they chose so alter their constitution as to abolish slavery within its limits, and the people of Vermont might so alter their constitution as to admit slavery within its limits. Both States would possess the right, though, as all know, it is not probable that either would exert it.” – James Polk, in his final (1848) State of the Union address

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